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Retirement Ready

Specifically Tailored Managed Portfolios

Our goal is to design a portfolio with consistent predicable income. Our portfolios are designed to provide consistent, predictable income over time.

Personal Portfolio Management

Our financial professionals allocate, manage and monitor client assets while embracing market volatility.  We consider the lifestyle goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and successors of our investors.

Managed Risk thru diversification

The Market Cycle Income plus strategy is a unique investment methodology.  We have created a universe of professionally managed closed funds and exchange trades funds.  This customized approach is centered on the diversification of income investments.  Portfolios are designed to preserve income targets regardless of market volatility. 

Our Process

Our process begins with security selection.  Our universe of closed end funds offers a large variety of income producing funds in public and private markets around the world. The wide range of asset classes and strategies include alternatives to enhance portfolio income. Some CEF’s are leveraged to magnify investment returns and to enhance higher highs and participate in lower lows The addition of equity CEF’s aid in the growth in the portfolio and can provide additional diversification.  Our profit taking targets are flexible and are dictated by the current market environment.

Advise and Planning

Our professionals address the need of individual investors and help plant the seeds for a more secure future.  We take a team approach offering a variety of investing strategies with the goal of developing a dependable income stream.  This unique integrated approach will help manage your wealth and achieve your financial goals.  This is centered around income generation and the preservation of targeted income adding resilience to our client’s portfolios. 

Closed End Funds

Closed-end funds are professionally managed and are designed to transition their total return into income that is typically predictable, consistent and sometimes tax advantaged.  Closed end funds can be more specialized therefore enable investors to benefit from alternatives and leverage which can potentially increase income.  Investing in a broader universe among assets classes can help mitigate risk.  Education is key.  We do extensive research on every fund in our universe to ensure we understand what fund is offering. 

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