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MCIM Life Cycle Portfolios

MCIM Life Cycle Portfolios: Collective Investment Funds available for Employee Benefit Plans


Firm Description:

LMK Advisors specializes in market cycle investment management. Our professionals have over 100 collective years of experience in the financial services industry. Our team members are united in similar values and operate under the same mission; to bring value to every client’s investment experience. LMK Advisors is respected for providing a high level of service to business executive, families and individuals, both locally and nationally.


Investment Philosophy:

The suite of three MCIM Lifecycle Collective Funds are formulated to allow clients to adjust the asset allocation of their retirement portfolios as they progress through critical accumulation phase, while also focused on building a consistent, secure, and growing base of income as they move toward retirement. Through a combination of risk minimization, trading discipline, income generation, and proper asset allocation, MCIM Life Cycle Collective Funds utilize an established method of choosing appropriate investments through three "life cycle" stages: accumulation, transition, and retirement.



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Individual Investor Note

MCIM Life Cycle Portfolios: Collective Investment Funds (CIF) are intended for use in employee benefit plans only.

For information on LMK investment strategies for individual investors, please contact your advisor or broker.



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Alta Trust is a South Dakota chartered Trust company that acts as the Trustee of this Collective Investment Fund. Collective Investment Funds are bank maintained and not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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